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Siège Social : Immeuble La Gazette du Golfe Carré / 902 E Sikècodji - 03BP : 1624 Cotonou - Bénin
Téléphone tous Services : +(229) 95 24 30 00 - 95 24 30 01 - 95 24 30 02 - 95 24 30 03 - 95 24 30 04  Email :gazettedugolfe@gmail.com 



When we mention the recent history of the Press in Benin, from the 80’s, we are happy to recall the immense role played by the Press Group «LA GAZETTE DU GOLFE». Independent since August 1, 1960, the Republic of Dahomey, which became the People’s Republic of Benin in 1975 and finally, the Republic of Benin in February 1990, at the end of the National Conference of the Nation’s Active Forces, is a country that experienced a turbulent period of political instability.

On October 26, 1972, a group of military officers, under the leadership of Battalion Chief Mathieu KÉRÉKOU, took power in a coup d’état, putting an end to the mandate of the three members of the Presidential Council, namely Presidents Hubert MAGA, Justin AHOMADÉGBÉ and Sourou Migan APITHY.

Known as the popular and Democratic Revolution, the regime called the Military Revolutionary Government (MRG) ruled Benin from 1972 to 1990.

In the field of the Press, the National Radio, the National Television, the National daily newspaper called « ÉHUZU » and the Benin Press Agency (ABP), were the only governmental organs that informed the Beninese.

With the evolution of things and the democratic movement that was announced in Africa in the 80’s, a man had the courage to take the lead to create the very first independent newspaper, before the National Conference: it is Mr. Ismaël SOUMANOU, who put on the baptismal font in March 1987, a Weekly called «LA GAZETTE DU GOLFE».

He is the pioneer of the independent press in Benin and West Africa.

Weekly at the beginning, «LA GAZETTE DU GOLFE» became a bi-weekly, an independent Beninese newspaper, of analysis and general information, of sharp and credible investigations, of regular inquiries and stuck to the reality, in all the fields of the daily activities. 

Later, a monthly color magazine was added. A newspaper distributed in most of the French-speaking countries of Africa. It was, until after the Talks of the Hotel PLM-Alédjo of February 1990 in Benin, the only truly independent newspaper in the country, facing the totalitarian and anti-democratic drifts of the military-Marxist political Regime exercised with iron fists by the Government of General Mathieu KÉRÉKOU.

In 1988 was born, on the initiative of its President Ismaël SOUMANOU, the first Association of the Independent Press of Africa the ASEP, charged to defend and promote the private press in Africa. The founding members of this Association are: Babacar TOURE of the group Sud Communication of Senegal, Alpha Omar KONARE of the Djamana group of Mali and who will later become President of the Malian Republic, Pius N’DJAWE of the group Le Messager of Cameroon and Ibrahim CHEIK DIOP of Niger’s Haske group. The Association grew and meetings were held in several other African countries. Many other members joined later.

Before the National Conference of the Active Forces of February 1990 in Benin, and because the government of the time treated La Gazette du Golfe as a counter-revolutionary, the National Censorship Commission that existed, and which used to withdraw whole sections of articles, La Gazette du Golfe decided to publish once and entirely, a censored edition, with the hollow spaces as left by the censorship commission. This led to the arrest of its promoter. Not knowing what to do to stop the publication of the newspaper La Gazette du Golfe, the revolutionary government of the time convened an extraordinary council of ministers on a Friday. On the agenda: « Closure of the newspaper La Gazette du Golfe, confiscation of all its equipment with a ban on any printing house to print its papers. It is in the resolutions of the National Conference of the Active Forces that the delegates demanded the lifting of this sanction. And afterwards, another Council of Ministers reinstated La Gazette du Golfe. 

This newspaper, «LA GAZETTE DU GOLFE» and its President and General Manager, Ismaël SOUMANOU have thus worked, with Abnegation, Determination, the will to freely inform Africans and Courage, in the face of numerous obstacles from the public authorities, until the liberalization of the audio-visual space in Benin…

«LA GAZETTE DU GOLFE» is a subsidiary of the PRESS GROUP LA GAZETTE DU GOLFE, founded in March 1987 in Cotonou, based in Sikècodji in the 7th district of the economic capital of Benin, which also has a Radio «GOLFE FM AFRICA» broadcasting in FM, on the Internet, Youtube, Facebook. It distinguishes itself by its news bulletins, based on facts, especially the facts, the great Lives in Africa, the great debates, the great events, the regular investigations, all the current events on the Continent touching all the great issues, without taboos, with the permanent research of the truth.

GOLFE FM AFRICA through the World Space system was broadcasting on satellite and by Internet long before many press organs in the world. In this field, GOLFE FM AFRICA is a pioneer!

In 2001, Golfe FM AFRICA won the prize for the best Pan-African Radio in Abuja, Nigeria. It has been broadcasting since then, without interruption. Having made the option of live broadcasts, Golfe FM AFRICA always wants to inform in real time, listeners of the essential news everywhere in Benin, in Africa and in the rest of the world.

Golfe FM AFRICA is the first radio station to make several African languages known throughout the world.

Golfe FM AFRICA, through its partnership with the great Radio WBLS in the United States, was already doing joint live broadcasts between the two countries. As a result, we were followed in the biggest American cities such as New York, Connecticut, New-Jersey and Philadelphia. 

Golfe FM AFRICA is also a subsidiary of the press group « La Gazette du Golfe». It also broadcasts live 24/7 on all platforms: UHF band, Satellite, Internet, Youtube, Facebook, Iphones, Tablets, Androids, etc… and on DTT. GOLFE TV AFRICA » is present on all major events in Benin and Africa, with live broadcast to all capitals in Africa or in the World! Equipped with several 3D and HD Studios, and ultra-modern equipment, it offers its public a very busy program with its multiple information segments made up of news editions, documentaries, magazines, interviews, major investigations, major interviews, general public programs, exclusivities… on various hot topics of Beninese and African current affairs, including politics, economics, culture, society, environment, health, sports etc…

Golfe TV AFRICA has three (03) major daily news magazines: First Edition at 7:30 am (duration, 60mn), Au Coeur du Benin et du Monde at 12:00 pm (duration, 60mn) and Le Siège de l’Info
at 7:00 pm (duration, 90mn), with a News edition of 25mn at every full hour. With its numerous correspondents in Benin, Africa and in the rest of the world, Golfe TV AFRICA always wants to inform its viewers in real time.


The Anglophone Service of the Press Group La Gazette du Golfe

The PRESS GROUP « LA GAZETTE DU GOLFE » understood very early that it was necessary to broadcast in English language towards our sisters and brothers of the Diaspora. It brought in several English-speaking journalists from the sub-region, notably

from Nigeria, Ghana and others. Thus, was born the Group’s Anglophone Service, in charge, in all its subsidiaries, of press and audiovisual productions, newspaper, documentary, magazine, interview, major investigations, major interviews, broadcasts for the general public, exclusivities etc.


Other subsidiaries of the Group.

AFCOM: THE AFRICAN AGENCY OF COMMUNICATION. A subsidiary of the Press Group «LA GAZETTE DU GOLFE», which is an integrated agency at the service of physical and moral persons, for the Advice, the Conception, the Realization and the Production of Media-Plan and Documentaries…

The CFDM: The Center of Training and Development of the Media; a center of training and improvement of the professionals of the press, the media and the audiovisual. The CFDM also accompanies promoters in the realization and establishment of press houses. It is the breeding ground for media professionals working in the largest media in Africa and the world. The public services often resort to it to provide their press organs with quality professionals.

Golfe Printing: The Group has an ultra modern printing house. It carries out all publishing works, of various literary works, of press, of posting and printing on any paper support.

Golfe Production: A multimedia production house; producing documentaries, magazines, surveys and other audiovisual productions.

Golfe Group Foundation: Highly invested in social issues, this foundation of the group assists, accompanies and helps populations in various fields. Its flagship TV show « Un Instant de Bonheur » has already made thousands of happy people in Benin and in Africa.

THE PRESS GROUP «LA GAZETTE DU GOLFE» has six (06) buildings of several levels, on an area of more than twelve thousand square meters (12,000m2), including four (04) buildings in Cotonou and two (02) buildings in Porto-Novo.

It has many modern studios of Radio and Television, for broadcasts of all kinds, diversified, for general public talks, Interviews, Magazines, Lives, at any time, in all circumstances…

THE PRESS GROUP «LA GAZETTE DU GOLFE» has cooperation with the biggest media groups in the world. It invests in the daily Defense of the values of civilization, our

cultures, our Traditions and the permanent Fight for the Evolution of the Black World. Its Commitment to the Total Liberation of Africa, in all areas is full and permanent. It especially develops cooperation with all the countries of the world which are ready to free Africa from dominations and oppressions wherever they come from.

 THE PRESS GROUP « LA GAZETTE DU GOLFE », is a permanent fight against the colonial domination that still wants to perpetuate itself in Africa!

THE PRESS GROUP « LA GAZETTE DU GOLFE », it is a fight of all moments for the liberation of the peoples oppressed and exploited by the imperialist oligarchy!

THE PRESS GROUP «LA GAZETTE DU GOLFE», it is a pan-African ideal!


Carré N°902 E Sikècodji – 03 BP1624 COTONOU (BÉNIN)

Website: http:/www.golfemedia.com

Email: golfemedia@golfemedia.com

Phone: 95 24 30 00 / 95 24 30 01 / 95 24 30 02

Fax all services: (229) 2132 52 26

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